Breaking Bad is the Emmy awarded AMC tv series that had big success around the world. This year was the 10th anniversary of the premiere and I thought that it would be great to make some kind of tribute to that.

I wanted challenge myself to make something in Unreal Engine and this seemed like a nice fit to the idea. My goal was not to make something just for the one or two cinematic frame shots but to do open world free to play game environment. When I say open world I mean large landscape terrain with procedurally generated foliage.

General idea was to create naturalistic environment that looks nice and convincing. So I made desert type terrain in World Machine 16×16 km with output layers to sand, slope, cliff and eroded flow. Landscape material was done in four landscape blending layers with diffuse, normal and roughness maps. I created several foliage and rocks assets, I created several foliage and rocks assets, nothing was used from content folder or another artist in the scene. Textures are created with Photoshop, Megascans Studio and Substance Bitmap 2 material software. The aim was not to make best looking foliage assets as they can be, the idea rather  was to make something looking decent enough to populate world with.

This was first time I use Unreal Engine 4, it was very challenging process and big learning experience.

Softwares used:

  • 3Ds Max for modeling
  • ZBrush for sculpting rocks
  • World Machine for terrain
  • Megascans Studio for textures
  • Substance Texture 2 Materials for textures
  • Unreal Engine 4 for game level and rendering

“it was very challenging process and big learning experience”